Candiidus International School ?

Candiidus International School strives to provide a supportive and fun environment for the students to learn and grow. We focus on nurturing an educational culture that fosters the child's overall development, which prepares them for the 21st-century competition. At Candiidus, we work diligently to provide students with varied chances to develop their strengths and interests

At CANDIIDUS, your child will

  • Get exposed to internationally, informed curricular practices that will reinforce his/her individuality.
  • Learn to take pride in his/her abilities and aspirations, and begin to value innovation in thought and enterprise in action.
  • Evaluate and analyze his/her experiences and learn to investigate and think independently.

At the end of the stint at CANDIIDUS, your child will become an independent, creative thinker with the spirit to achieve academic excellence at each step.

Finest International Curriculum and Teaching Practices.

Why Us?

Distance Is The New Way Of Learning

As the world is moving to better ways of learning, Candiidus is becoming actively involved in E-learning. With this newly adopted advanced learning, it allows students to become better and stand out confident in this world. With the same enthusiasm, teachers impart education to students with fun and interactive sessions.

Candiidus Interactive Class Sessions

Interactive Class Sessions

Candiidus International Curriculum

International Curriculum

Candiidus New Age Methodologies

New Age Methodologies

Candiidus Trained  Staff

Trained Staff

Beyond Academics

The curriculum at Candiidus focuses on the overall development of the child. With exposure to various co-curricular activities the child learns various different skills that are mandatory in this competitive world. Candiidus International School provides well-structured sports facilities blended with academic excellence. Candiidus boasts a world-class environment with sports facilities in fields such as -

Candiidus Art


Candiidus Music


Candiidus Dance


Candiidus Sports


With more than 10+ Indoor and Outdoor Games, Candiidus takes pride in pushing the child to achieve the best.

The coaches and masters are always present to guide the child in performing better.

We at Candiidus cannot wait to have your child onboard with us.

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Location Here

  • Candiidus International School, Patancheru, Muthangi, Hyderabad, Telangana - 502300