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Infrastructure at CANDIIDUS is an environment with no ceilings on excellence.

The campus of CANDIIDUS International School is in a league of its own. It is built on the knowledge that school architecture has a strong bearing on the educational outcomes, with no compromise made in the architectural design and composition of the school. Every facility that a modern 21st century educational institution should ideally have, finds a place at CANDIIDUS International.

  • Every classroom is technology-enabled smart classroom with highly conducive and pleasing interiors.
  • Laboratories equipped with world-class facilities for math, sciences, computers, robotics, and language.
  • Well-stocked library and DIY labs that give impetus to project-based learning.

The whole CANDIIDUS International campus has been designed to inspire a sense of belongingness in the students, teachers, and staff and create a vibrant school community with shared goals and aspirations.

Spacious and sprawling with delineated zones for academics, administration, activity, and sports, CANDIIDUS International ranks among the best campuses in the country with world-class facilities for academics and extra-curricular activities.


Providing a great all-round education takes an amazing range of facilities:
  • Digital AC Classrooms with 10: 1 Student - Teacher Ratio.
  • Bespoke learning spaces, including science labs, libraries, IT hubs, art and music studios.
  • Performing Arts Centre with dedicated drama and music spaces, practice rooms, recording studio and a flagship 200-seat theatre.
  • Naturally lit, spacious art studios.
  • Modern Internationally Certified science labs.
  • Extensive IT labs.
  • Film studio and editing suite.
  • 21st Century Interactive Learning Centre.
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor venues for our extensive co-curricular programmes, clubs and activities.
  • Formative Assessment & Monthly Tracker for 360° complete analysis of the student.
  • All time continuous professional development programme for teachers.

Our 8-acre campus is home to a wide-range of exceptional 20+ sports facilities with Certified Trainers.

We got approved Olympic Standard Sports facilities:

Rifle shooting Olympic Standard 10m Air Rifle Shooting
Swimming Pool Semi Olympic Size (25m)
Football 5a Side Standard with artificial turf
Basket ball 1 Standard Court
Throw ball 1 Standard Court
Table Tennis 4 Courts
Archery 30m Outdoor Shooting Range
Cricket 2 full-size pitch with artificial turf
Taekwondo 2000 sft space
Judo 2000 sft space
Athletic Track IAAF Olympic Standard 4 lanes
Volleyball 1 Standard Court
Gymnastics 2000 sft space
Rock Climbing 50ft height
Hockey Mini Hockey field
Tennis 1 Standard Court
Skating 25mts roller skating
Chess 2000 sft space
Squash Court 2 Standard Courts
Yoga 2000 sft space