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At CIS we follow all the standard protocols set by the Cambridge International School. The policies, curriculum, safety protocols etc., are all set to the international school level. Our infrastructure is built with the regular safety checks and advanced technology educational tools. Bringing forth the much needed social and emotional support to the students along with the educational world of opportunities is the main aim behind setting up the School Counseling.

School Counselling

Supporting the students by providing them with social and emotional support:

Counselors at CIS

At CIS School, the counselors are well trained professionals who understand the age-appropriate behavioral development in the kids. Every kid comes into the world with a unique set of abilities. School is a place where these abilities are further nurture which will help them become successful in their life. The social and emotional support during this phase is majorly important to each and every student CIS School is well equipped with the experienced counselors who aid the students with their social and emotional development.

What CIS counselors do?

The CIS counselors help the kids in the following way with their social and emotional well-being:

  • Support them  with dealing with the stressful situations
  • Built their self-confidence
  • Help overcome their insecurities
  • Help them express their feelings and emotions without any hesitation
  • Enhancing their body language skills
  • Improving their interactions and relationships with the people
  • Providing them the awareness of the worldly behavior i.e. the behavior of people in the different parts of the world.
  • Built their self-esteem by setting the goals.

Step by Step process of Counseling:

  • Face to face counseling i.e. Individual counseling to the community at CIS i.e. for students, teachers and parents.
  • Counseling to the whole class
  • Counseling at School levels
  • Group counseling
  • And many more..

Counseling confidentiality

We have a strict policy to maintain the confidentiality of the issues discussed with the counselors. The right to privacy is everyone’s right and we follow it with the strict policies at place. Thus, helping the students, teachers and parents to discuss their concerns openly without any apprehensions. We ensure that there is no judgment involved. We provide the comfort space for one to express their state of emotional well being because this will help them to grow beyond their issues and aid in the overall development. CIS community is a partnership between the parents, students and the staff and as we grow as a community we also become better versions of ourselves.

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