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Candiidus International School is a CBSE and Cambridge International day school instituting globally informed international education for a vibrant metropolis and its peripheries.

The school is in the league of best global schools of India with an educational ecosystem derived from the leading educational practices that have gained currency across the globe.

We at Candiidus, believe in earning distinction by establishing systems to support leading academic practices coupled with 21st century skill development. The focus of the institution is on cultivation of an educational culture that fosters an all-round development of children and prepare them for the 21st century industry and society.

Why Candiidus?

Candiidus International, as an institution, progresses in a lockstep with the changing pedagogical culture of the 21st century. The children at Candiidus do not learn to pass exams, they learn to find meaning in their lives.

The children at Candiidus learn to take pride in their abilities and their aspirations, and they begin to value innovation in thought and enterprise in action.

Features that make us stand out

21st century skills

All-Round Development

Value-Based Education

Engendering Competitive Spirit

Enterprising and Innovating

Social consciousness

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