CIS school community events are exciting opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to come together and engage in a variety of activities outside the classroom. For parents and teachers, community events offer a chance to collaborate, network, and support each other in creating a positive learning environment for students. Join us for a fun and enriching experience that strengthens our school community!

Tennis tournament

Candidus School recently organized a successful tennis tournament. The event showcased exceptional sportsmanship and talent, bringing together enthusiastic players from various schools. The tournament featured intense matches, promoting physical fitness and competitive spirit among the participants, making it a memorable sporting event for all involved.

Model United Nations

Join the Candiidus School (CS) conference and unite with like-minded individuals to make a difference in the world. Our conference is designed to develop the skills and character of global citizens through diplomacy and international relations. With over nine years of experience and participation in conferences locally, regionally, and internationally, CS provides a

Symposium For Inclusivity

Join us at CS for our Annual Symposium for Inclusivity, where we come together to celebrate and embrace diversity. Our students are at the forefront of this movement, advocating for respect and inclusion for all. Through organized conversations and expert speakers, we aim to raise awareness and develop practices that foster a more inclusive community. Let's unite our voices and