Candiidus International School attracts and supports a wide range of educators from around the world. Our dedicated faculty from India and around the globe work collaboratively and strive towards developing collective efficacy.


CIS seeks thoughtful, collaborative and student-centered educators for a range of roles across our campus for August, 2023. Please see our recruiting process to learn more.

Child Safeguarding

CIS utilizes multiple processes for ensuring the safety and well being of its students. All educators are required to undergo stringent background checks, proof of qualifications, and service to begin work each year.

Teaching at CIS

Experts in any field have deep conceptual understanding of their work, competencies to act on their understandings, and the character needed to see things through. Learning at CIS focuses on these 3Cs to nurture, challenge and empower students to become experts in whatever it is they choose to become.

Professional Development

At CIS, all teachers are learners. We place a high value on continued personal and team growth towards our school wide goals and developing collective efficacy in our classrooms, on our teams, in our divisions and across our school.

Well Being

CIS promotes well being among faculty and staff through a comprehensive well being philosophy that touches on 7 facets of well being. People who are balanced bring their best to our classrooms!

Life in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a vibrant and layered city. Part urban, part rural, there is a lot to offer for a wide variety of interests from food, to outdoor activities. Hyderabad boasts of being a tech hub, and as such has attracted people from across India and the world. Come Explore!