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CIS way of learning

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Bringing the positive learning experience alive with our standard policies and programs we try to put our efforts in inculcating the educational knowledge with the excellent conceptual understanding where the students get to utilize the application skills in the real time without any doubts or hesitation.

Aligning ourselves with the learning interests of the students we bring a Holistic community of education where the learning team and the learners team are together learning and growing in the day to day activities with the most needed nurturing support and also the educational equipment support.

OUR Commitment towards enhanced education

Understanding the student’s dynamics that come from broad regions we have designed our curriculum that is inclusive. As your child learns to experience the diversity they also learn that in a society we as a people are different and we form a community where we get to strive and thrive by keeping each or interests and likings aligned with each other.

As your child learns unity in diversity they also get to experience and enhanced education where our educators put their efforts in inculcating the core values of CIS and also impart the learning principles with their expertise and knowledge.

CIS learning culture we always believe that education is not only imparted in the school but also at home with this believe the parents also get to work along with the community for the development of the child beyond the classrooms.

Learning at CIS is an innovative process where the student gets to embrace the deep understanding of the concepts, along with exhibiting the demonstration skills, also applying the concepts in the daily life and overcome any challenges on the way them with the finest competency skills.

We understand the language of learning impacts the student majorly in understanding the concepts. We put our efforts bring in the value to the education imparted with our core values. Understanding, Analyzing and Growth are the parts of the learning process at CIS… Have a look at how this happens at Candiidus International School.


Concepts play a big role in application of knowledge. Each concept is given a valuable explanation that adds a value to the conceptual understanding to the student. Application of the concepts becomes easier with the accurate understanding.


Students are given various opportunities to display the skills and understanding they have acquired with the concepts. Each student is analyzed with the unique set of competency skills. Because we believe each student is born with a unique set of talents.


With the best understanding and analyzing there comes the growth in the student where they exhibit the confidence and are ready for the next level. We guide them to become a better version of the self while they can embrace the positive learning environment.

Together we learn! Together we grow!

Bringing the innovative ideas of the students alive we always strive to bring in the encouraging environment where the student gets to experiment and experience different kinds of learning techniques through which the knowledge gained is cherished not only in the present but also in the future.

Each student is given a thought that by learning together they grow together this is what the society is about and this is what the world is about. Bringing the much needed sustainability knowledge to the students and also practicing the sustainable methods inculcates them with the much needed Global awareness where they try to bring a change in the world with their sustainable ideas.