Vision, Mission and Core Values

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The Candiidus International School community strives to create a nurturing environment where each student can experience a positive learning environment. Our vision is to create an empowering essence of life in each student who can create a remarkable and sustainable world.


At Candiidus International School each student is treated as learning centre. We create various opportunities where the student can learn, reflect, adapt and grow with the possibilities endured in the process of learning.


Learning at CIS is an innovative process where the student gets to embrace the deep understanding of the concepts, along with exhibiting the demonstration skills, also applying the concepts in the daily life and overcome any challenges on the way them with the finest competency skills.

We understand the language of learning impacts the student majorly in understanding the concepts. We put our efforts bring in the value to the education imparted with our core values. Understanding, Analyzing and Growth are the parts of the learning process at CIS… Have a look at how this happens at Candiidus International School.


Concepts play a big role in application of knowledge. Each concept is given a valuable explanation that adds a value to the conceptual understanding to the student. Application of the concepts becomes easier with the accurate understanding.


Students are given various opportunities to display the skills and understanding they have acquired with the concepts. Each student is analyzed with the unique set of competency skills. Because we believe each student is born with a unique set of talents.


With the best understanding and analyzing there comes the growth in the student where they exhibit the confidence and are ready for the next level. We guide them to become a better version of the self while they can embrace the positive learning environment.


We firmly are directed towards creating the vast learning possibilities for the students at CIS and we have centered our core values on the same principles.
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PLAN of Strategies:

The team at CIS, which includes the director, the educators and advisory board we have created a set of strategic initiatives. These initiatives are meant to guide the students and the centre of learning all through the year. These set of initiatives are reviewed annually by our team and we make the necessary changes or add more to it so as to meet the learning capabilities of each student. Here’s a glimpse of the initiatives curated with deep interests aimed toward the growth of the students.

Set of Strategic initiatives at CIS

Learning culture at School

The learning culture at CIS is designed to welcome the students with their innovative learning methods and follow the rhythm of their conceptual understanding. Give them a innumerous possibilities of learning with the best education imparted at CIS

Learning beyond the classrooms

At CIS we are bound to just the four walls, we create a real time environment which gives the student the opportunities to learn and grow by taking the examples and concepts evolving from the daily life. Daily life examples create a realistic environment of learning to the students.

Understanding the technological advancements

CIS understands that the rapid advancement of the technologies is important to be understood by the students as they get to experience it their daily life. We create the safe learning environment of these advancements, where students can understand the safe usage of the technology and apply the innovative learning methods to the growth of their knowledge.

Encouraging Growth

At CIS we understand the impact of the knowledge on the student’s growth. Our team of educators encourages the students to present their ideas with the most innovative techniques. We also believe as a community we should grow with the demanding learning needs of the student. Our campus is equipped with the latest education technical devices which the students can get complete advantage of learning virtually and realistically too.

Global Awareness

CIS believes in imparting the education aligned with the latest developments occurring globally. While students exhibit their curiosity to understand these we also provide the sustainable awareness of how they can make a positive impact and the change they can bring in the society and in the world with the knowledge they gained and the knowledge they can impart.