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Elementary School

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Early Years Program

Early yearers or the toddlers joining the school for the very first time require the supportive, caring and trustworthy environment to study and thrive. The kids who have been in the comfort of the home from their birth to 3 years of age will be experience the proper classroom for the very first time in their life. Understanding the school and the set of principles is a difficult task for them at their age. To support their growth and create a comfort environment we have crafted our curriculum to nurture and care for the toddlers joining the school for the very first time.

This Early Years program at CIS is designed for the kids of age 3 to 6.

Below are the standards of classes for the Early years:

  • Pre-Kindergarten (i.e. Pre—school)
  • Junior-Kindergarten (i.e. 1st stage of Kindergarten) and
  • Senior-Kindergarten(i.e. 2nd stage of Kindergarten)

Each milestone of the kid is achieved by the collaborative learning practices where kids get to acknowledge the presence of other kids of same age and communicate their requirement to the educators. The curriculum for the early years is designed taking into consideration their developmental milestones. Each kid is different and so are their learning methods so we have created our academic curriculum where the assessment of the learning is carried out considering their overall development and not just the numbers. From the real time experiences to the beyond classroom teaching we try to create a enhanced education programs for the early years. Some of our specializations are mentioned below:

Our Special Inclusions:

  • Library
  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Language and culture

Elementary Program

The CIS Elementary School program is for the standards 1 to 5, where our complete focus lies on creating innovative learning methods where student gets to engage with the daily activities and apply their conceptual understanding to the daily life activities and aids in creating a meaningful learning beyond the classroom. Their curiosity is encouraged with the various virtual educational equipment devices available on our campus. Our infrastructure is also designed to inculcate many extracurricular activities that will help in overall development of the child. We follow Cambridge primary curriculum which is followed worldwide in the International Schools.

As much as the educational development is important the social development also plays a vital role in the student’s life. Believing in unity in diversity and the community thrives in this type in the unity; we have various activities where the students get to experience the origins and traditions of the various ethnicities at the school.

Our learning objectives may look similar to many centers of learning but our educating objectives are centered towards providing the students with the meaningful and the positive learning environment. Below are the few subject areas that are included in the Elementary School:

  • Learning Activities
  • Technology advancements learning
  • Mathematics, Science, English subjects.
  • Arts such as music and visual arts.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • And many more…

Providing the safest and encouraging environment were the students get to explore and involve is our highest priority when it comes to Elementary School. Hence, our main aim revolves around the below objectives when it comes to the students:

  • Celebrate the little success
  • Encourage their innovative ideas
  • Discuss their shortcomings and support them to overcome their difficulties
  • Encourage their artistic talents

The highlights of Candiidus International School's elementary school

Comprehensive Curriculum
Critical thinking abilities are developed at Candiidus International School with an extensive curriculum that includes a variety of interesting assignments and projects. They can assess and make well-informed decisions because of their ability to think creatively, solve issues, and analyse data. In this way, they can learn about the world and how to live in it.
The teachers of Candiidus International School are essential to learning through play. They provide an atmosphere where students can play, experiment, and discover by serving as mentors and guides. Apart from supervising the advancement of pupils in these games, educators also offer assistance when needed and organise their education to enable learners to engage in significant tasks that foster imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques.
As part of Candiidus International School’s character education programme, values are instilled in students. The development of positive relationships with individuals and constructive contributions to society at large are facilitated by empathy, respect, and accountability. Character education also contributes to the development of a positive school climate by making kids feel encouraged and appreciated as they mature.
The appropriate teacher-to-student ratio at Candiidus International School guarantees that every student receives individualised attention and teaching. As a result, learning and achieving academic achievement, as well as well-being, are made easier for all students.
The development of reading and numeracy skills is very engaging at Candiidus International School, thanks to the instructional strategies used. Learners can develop their analytical and reasoning abilities through problem-solving tasks, group discussions in the classroom, and practical activities. Technology-based solutions, such as educational apps or online resources, make it easier for students to understand topics related to reading and numeracy.
The curriculum of Candiidus International School places a strong emphasis on critical thinking in all subject areas. In contrast to educational institutions that promote the memorising of facts through rote learning in conjunction with standardised assessments, Candiidus International School encourages students to solve real-world problems analytically and creatively while critically analysing the information they encounter. This method encourages pupils to have a lifelong learning attitude in addition to preparing them for obstacles in the future.
The STEM education programme at Candiidus International School provides elementary school pupils with the opportunity to study through practical activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. They incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects into their curricula so that students can have solid academic foundations for their professional accomplishments in the face of ever-shifting global trends.
With a focus on expressive arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and performing arts like acting and dancing, Candiidus International School strives to provide its pupils with the freedom to speak and express themselves. All these forms of artistic expression give students the means to convey their emotions in the most creative way possible, encouraging their imagination and helping them discover their unique voices as artists.
Students in elementary school have numerous opportunities at Candiidus International School to hone their leadership abilities. Through community service programmes, the kids learn important leadership skills as they collaborate to solve problems and comprehend the benefits of volunteering. Ultimately, such experiences help young adults develop self-discipline, teach them empathy for others, and prepare them for long-term responsibilities in their communities.
Socialisation is emphasised as a crucial component of early childhood development at elementary school levels, such as those found at Candiidus schools, because it helps students form healthy relationships with those around them and also develops their ability to communicate effectively in social situations. As social skills are what get people through difficult times in life, every youngster who wants to succeed academically in the future should also have strong social abilities.