CIS, Hyderabad is a diverse community of students, families, faculty, and staff from over 40 nationalities. Our community has a deep appreciation for each other’s cultures and languages, and especially of our rich host country culture of India! At CIS, we value student and parent voice that includes, accepts, and celebrates a wide variety of approaches to life. We know that we are stronger as a community because of our diversity and the strong, long-lasting relationships we make with each other that span the globe. We strive to support students to be active, responsible agents in their own learning.

Parents As Learners

At CIS, we believe that parents play a critical role in their children's education, which is why we involve them in the learning process of their children in our K-12 international school setting. We aim to empower parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their children's learning both at home and in school.

Community Events

In 2019, teachers, students, and parents came together to co-create our Definition of Learning. We believe everything we learn in life can nest in our 3Cs- Conceptual Understanding, Competencies, and Character Development.

Humans of CIS

Humans of CIS aims to promote our community by featuring an exemplary individual each week. We provide them with a platform to share their contributions in various fields such as arts, music, sports, or social activities at school. This initiative enables an insightful glimpse into the daily life at CIS, enriching the viewer's understanding of our school. To enhance the experience, we supplement the profiles with video snippets of the student's