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The High School Program at Candiidus International School:

In high school we have grades 9th and 10th & 11th and 12th. We follow IGCSE curriculum, where we follow the real time learning methods that are meant to provide the greater amount of success in these academic years. We use various learning techniques and learning equipments which will help the students to understand the concepts with the broader knowledge and that apply the concepts in the day to day life thus empowering them with the real time learning environment.

Subject Selections:

Students are provided with the options to select 6 subjects. Such as,

  • First language
  • Second language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Arts

One can choose the subjects that cater to their interests and talent. Based on their subject selection they have to undergo the assessment in their chosen subjects.


Students are given the grades from A* to G and each grade and their achievements w.r.t the grades are explained clearly in the assessment card.

Identifying their Interests:

  • Each student comes with infinite set of possibilities and with the specific set of interests and talents. We identify their interests and their talents and mend the learning techniques so that the student can get vast knowledge from the curriculum.
  • As a student grows their interests changes and their learning techniques. We provide the versatility of providing the vast opportunities where they can utilize the various learning techniques that will help them to choose the best.

Exam Criteria:

We follow IGCSE curriculum, which the majorly based on the exam based assessment. At the end of the two year program Cambridge IGCSE exam assessment takes place where the overall score of their academic performance of the curricular and extracurricular activities are mentioned clearly.

Career guidance:

Constant guidance is provided to the students of the grades 9th to 12th with respect to the career counseling and the college applications, which will help them, choose the best for their future. We provide them with the various opportunities to display their talents and identify their interests. Based on the progress made and their display of interests we give them the best choices from the available college applications and the career choices that they can make for themselves.

Guidance beyond the classrooms:

  • As a community we always develop not only in the education but also and the overall personality.
  • Guiding each student towards making the best choices and becoming a responsible Global Citizen is our aim.
  • We provide the Holistic experience of learning at CIS, which helps the students to experience the education they can cherish for their whole lives and can find the applications of it in their day to day life.

An overview of Candiidus International School's high school features

Advanced Educational Programmes
We offer an advanced, comprehensive curriculum to ensure that students accomplish their fullest potential and are prepared for modern life. This advanced curriculum emphasises developing critical analysis skills, inventiveness, and global consciousness more than it does on regular curriculum topics. Our students receive individualised support that ensures their success in a world that is always changing, and they succeed at learning with tremendous passion and engagement with practical experiences.
Personalised learning is a technique of education used at Candiidus International School to create unique learning pathways. It is predicated on creating a curriculum tailored to each student’s interests, strengths, and shortcomings. Since they can study the subjects that are most interesting to them and learn at their own pace, this method of instruction is more successful and meaningful than other approaches.
Candiidus High School’s technology-enhanced learning makes learning more engaging and interactive for students. Students can tailor their learning to suit their individual needs using digital tools and resources, which let them access a wealth of information. It’s not only a great way to gain a deeper understanding, but it’s also a great way to learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy.
By providing a range of languages, involving students in international travel programmes, and hosting multicultural events where students may engage with one another and gain knowledge of different cultures, Candiidus International School fosters multilingualism and global communication.
Students at Candiidus International School can acquire crucial skills and mindsets that equip them for the modern world through innovative entrepreneurial education. Increasing creativity, problem-solving skills, and anticipatory thinking all aid in both taking advantage of opportunities and adjusting to changes in the surroundings. For this reason, students who receive this kind of instruction become self-motivated individuals who follow their passions and think like entrepreneurs while having a beneficial impact on their communities.
More importantly, instructing them in the internet world with digital aid is something that Candiidus International School helps students prepare for with critical media literacy and digital citizenship. This, in turn, enables students to scrutinise any type of misinformation they encounter and to critically analyse messages provided by the media. At the end of the day, it prepares them to be responsible digital citizens in a world that is becoming more complex and linked.
We provide a wide range of support programmes at Candiidus International School to help students get ready for college and their future careers. In addition to offering career exploration workshops, SAT/ACT preparation classes, and internship opportunities, the school also offers individual guidance counselling. With the aid of these materials, students can acquire the skills necessary for success beyond high school.
A significant component of the interdisciplinary curriculum of Candiidus International School is the integration of information and abilities from several academic fields. Instead of emphasising themes exclusive to one area, these programmes link concepts from other disciplines to foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. By emphasising real-world problems, educators can help students better understand them and foresee future difficulties.
The experiential learning programme of Candiidus International School, which enables pupils to get real-world experience outside of the classroom, is another feature that sets the school apart from others. With the help of this approach, students may apply their imagination, think critically about the material they are studying, and learn by doing. Additionally, it gives students practical life skills like problem-solving and cooperation, which support them in achieving academic and professional success.
Research and the development of inquiry skills are given top priority at Candiidus International School, which sets the school apart from other institutions in its category. This school encourages its students to carry out individual research, critically assess the material they find, and report their results. In addition to preparing students for occupations that require a high level of both research abilities and inquiry skills, it also helps them grasp subjects at a deeper level.