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cbse schools near chanda nagar hyderabad


Follow the below simple steps to get the admission into the CIS

Step 1:


Parents are requested to use the link below for any kind of enquiries.

For admission enquiry

  • Create an account
  • Once you complete creating the account submit the necessary forms and
  • Finish the uploading of the documents
  • And proceed to the step 2

Step 2: Schedule Your School Visit

  • Our school will remain open from Monday to Friday.
  • Timings 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Appointment time is usually 1.5 hours.

Once the enquiry form is submitted and school reviews the documents. The parents are requested to visit the school to have a look at the campus and the various information regarding the school timings, faculty and the day at the school is provided and also the curriculum overview is provided. It is requested that the parents notify the school at least 2 days before the visit. Also, make sure to bring the past report cards of your children.

For the families residing in the long distance i.e. away from Hyderabad you can come and visit the school at any point of time even during the vacation holidays.

Step 3: Schedule Observation time (KG)/Entrance Test (Grade 1-11)

The next step is calling the student for the observation test and assessment test where the student is evaluated based on a content covered in the previous school and also based on time and sitting of the student at the school.

Step 4: Notification of Admission

After the observation time and the entrance test the status of the application will be notified to the parents after about 2 weeks of the test at CIS.

Step 5: Application Accepted

Once the application is accepted at the school the parents are provided with the terms and conditions at the school and also the fees details and invoice are sent to the parent. Tuition fees can be paid even before a week of the starting of the school.

Step 6: Documents and Tuition Due

Parents and the students are requested to produce all the documents and pay the tuition fee of the first term and attend the orientation day.

And the final big step…. Officially Welcome to the CIS family!!