Learning at CS is a transformative process that leads to conceptual understanding, demonstration of competencies through application, and character development as seen through the CS Core Values.

Learning the CS Way

Experts in any field have deep conceptual understanding of their work, competencies to act on their understandings, and the character needed to see things through. Learning at CS focuses on these 3Cs to nurture, challenge and empower students to become experts in whatever it is they choose to become.

Elementary School

Learning through exploration and inquiry is natural for young children. It creates the foundation of learning and supports children as they move into adulthood. The CS elementary program empowers young learners to remain curious, thoughtful and compassionate throughout their lives.

Middle School

A time of change and one of defining who one is as a person. Our middle school program creates experiences of learning that both ground and challenge teens to discover who they are as learners and as people.

High School

Success for our high schoolers means being adept and capable at a wide range of disciplines. The vast opportunities across STEM subjects, the Arts, and Humanities create rich opportunities to discover one’s passion and develop the discipline needed to thrive in the world.


CS academic and pastoral care programs are closely integrated to support children as they move into adulthood. Anchored by international curriculum, brought to life by diverse and expert faculty, CS programs are designed to build character needed to contribute with the intellectual capacity to act.

College Guidance

Our four-year university counseling program empowers students and families to understand the process for each student’s specific needs towards university acceptances. Whether for engineering or the fine arts, our team focuses on the career choice, geographical preferences and needs of students and families for their next phase of life.