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Facilities and Features

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Facilities and Features

CIS has a secured 8 acres of campus with 360 degree electronic surveillance. More about the facilities and feature CIS are listed below:

Classrooms with Advanced technology:

We have vast classrooms with the most latest advanced technology inclusions such as interactive boards, comfortable seating arrangement, presentation tools and various teaching tools.

International certified Science Labs:

We have internationally certified labs with the latest technology equipments and we follow all the safety protocols for the safe practical sessions in the Science labs.

CIS Library:

We have a library with the various books belonging to wide areas of research, history, literature, technical subjects and many more.. Which students can gain vast knowledge on various topics.

Infrastructure blended with the Technology:

Having a robust IT infrastructure, including computer labs and high-speed internet access, is crucial for integrating technology into the learning process.

Café space:

There is a collaborative area specially designed for the relaxation and in this area students can socialize and get a much needed break from academic activities.

Music Studio and Art Space:

We have music program and art programs developed for the students semester wise and the yearly wise, Students can choose the arts programs according to their interests. A specific place for music and arts is also built in CIS.

Also, there are various amenities provided for the students which give them much recreation time:

  • The school has 20+ Olympic standard facilities.
  • Green AC campus.
  • Futuristic Ultra Modern Infrastructure.
  • Wifi-Enabled Campus.
  • Collaborative Spaces.
  • Inclusive Play area.
  • Student-Teacher ratio 10:1.
  • Spacious Technology Enabled Classrooms.
  • Language Labs.
  • Music Studio.
  • Internationally Certified Labs equipped with latest technology.
  • Art Studio.
  • IT resource centre.
  • Semi Olympic swimming pool.
  • 10M Air rifle certified shooting range
  • Open Amphitheatre.
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One of the parents of the students has said the kind words and encouraging words with respect to the facilities and the features of CIS School:

The facilities provided at the school are top-notch and completely recreating the minds of the students. We are much obliged to have selected the CIS School for our child where his needs of education and art are met in a balancing dynamics with the amenities and the versatile curriculum at the school.

The progress in our child’s creativity is the outcome of choosing the right school which provides the safest campus which is under CCTV surveillance 24*7. Our queries are answered positively and feedback is taken constructively by the school.

We feel like we are sending our child to a second home when we are sending him to a school. His doubts are cleared by providing real time examples and his creativity is nurtured with the welcoming sense of encouragement from the educators.