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Our Process

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Admission Process

Initial assessment is a mandatory at the time of admission for all the grades at CIS. Along with the assessment in the curriculum subjects the assessment will also be carried on the observation basis where the student is assessed based on the time in the class and the sitting for the admission exam. The past reports of the students in their previously joined schools are also required at the time of admission in CIS.

Early Years

Early years i.e. age 3 to 5 (Pre-kg to Sr.KG) are assessed on the basis of their development milestones and the age appropriate expectations like eating, drinking and potty trained. The diapers are not allowed in the school premises. The students are expected to meet these standards.

The admission is provided to students with the primary language English and also to the non-native English speakers. We required the reports of their previous education centers or the day school or the Kindergartens which will be helpful to guide you through the admission process smoothly. 

For the students coming from the long distances the parents are required to sign a confirmation form to meet the Kindergarten Admission Guidelines. After the 2 weeks of admission of the students based on the feedback provided by the educator and based on the observation CIS have the complete rights to request the parents of the child to join the kid later if the kid is not yet ready for the school.

Elementary and Middle School

The admission process for the grades 3 to 8 is quite similar to the procedure mentioned above, what changes is the MAP test is conducted. MAP means Measure of Academic Progress with respect to the previous curriculum at the schools that the student was joined into.

This will help us to observe the academic skills of the child and the child will be evaluated on the same.

The assessment is conducted with the syllabus that has been covered. The students are evaluated so as to assign them the correct grade they can join into. Please note that for the students coming from the long distances the parents are not allowed to proctor tests.

Make sure to bring the previous two years report cards of the child given in the previous school/schools of the child.

High School

High school consists of the grades 9 to 12; the students are expected to take the assessment tests based on the content covered in the previous years. We understand that the education system differs from school to school and the evaluation is done based on considering these factors.

The previous two years report cards are mandatory for the students planning to get admission into the CIS. Our syllabus is IGCSE, depending on the performance of the student in the assessment the necessary evaluation is conducted and the respective grade for which the child is eligible is informed to the parents.