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Safety and Security

The campus has 360 degree surveillance 24*7 in and around the campus.

Following are the measures taken to provide safety to the students and make the campus secure.

Physical Safety

  1. The campus is equipped with the CCTV cameras, Emergency fire exits, Fire alarms, Fire safety is the highest priority.
  2. There is also Electric fencing system to protect the school from any kind of breakouts.
  3. Strict surveillance is carried at the Entry and Exit of the school.
  4. The security and safety assessment is carried by the global leading security agencies frequently to keep the track of campus safety and security.
  5. Mock drills of evacuation in case of natural hazards and fire is carried out frequently.
  6. We are well equipped to deal with any kind of medical emergency we have a well-trained nurse available on the campus. We have a tie-up with the Continental Hospital for any kind of emergency.
  7. Food safety is maintained we follow all the food safety standards.
  8. A thorough background check is carried for all the educators and staff at CIS School.
  9. Road safety and fire safety sessions are conducted for the driver staff and the whole school.
  10. Female staff is present in every bus to make the girl students feel safe during their commutation from school to house and vice versa.
  11. ID verifications for students and the parents is mandatory before entering the CIS School campus.

Emotional Safety

  1. Corporal punishment is a strict no.
  2. Bullying and use of offensive language in the campus is not entertained.
  3. The safe technology usage is followed on the campus; strict monitoring and rigorous filters using the stringent firewalls are followed on the campus.
  4. Every child is given the right to express their thoughts, concerns and feedback in a constructive manner.
  5. Child friendly practices and the child friendly tone is used towards the students age-appropriately.
  6. Non aggressive conduct and mutual respect is followed at the school.
  7. Awareness of the body safety such as safe touch and unsafe touch is provided to the students.
  8. Awareness is also provided in reporting any form of abuse the child might be facing.
  9. Principal will be available to the students to address any kind of concerns that needs the Principal’s attention.