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Shaping & Building Your CHILD’S Future!!!

An International day school, CANDIIDUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL offers holistic, globally informed international education that helps students to acquire knowledge and values that can act as a positive force and a better future for all in the wider world.

At CANDIIDUS, we believe in providing a system that supports leading academic practices coupled with 21st century skill development and focus on an educational environment and culture that fosters children’s overall mental and physical development for the 21st century society and the wider world. In line with this, the school offers exceptional infrastructure, high-class pedagogy, and rich and diverse curriculum with strong emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge that exposes the students to real-world scenarios.

As among the best International School, we also focus on strengthening every student’s talents with the latest teaching methods and inculcate values of initiative and social accountability thereby promoting superior academic achievement, personal well-being, and a sense of responsibility in every student.

Today, the school is in the league of India’s best international schools with an educational ecosystem that embraces the best of educational practices and teaches students to move forward with confidence and have fun while learning.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to upgrading every practice to ensure a K-12 education that supplies the industry and society with confident leaders and champions.

Why Candiidus | Best CBSE schools in Hyderabad


Because we
  • Focus on the current needs and aspirations of the students.
  • Provide a caring, inclusive, and enriching learning experience.
  • Offer the finest of infrastructure with 21st century teaching methods.
  • Offers the best international curriculum and teaching practices.
  • Provide opportunities to enhance the intellectual curiosity and creativity of students.
  • Maintain sustained academic excellence and social consciousness.
  • Remain rooted in time-honored traditional values.
  • Keep pace with the changing pedagogical culture of the 21st century.


To disseminate education of international standards that fosters, nurtures, and challenges every student’s aspirations and potential.


To ignite every child’s imagination through creative cognitive stimulation; promote excellence through learning; and drive positive change


To create a world-class educational institution with advanced pedagogical systems and educational procedures of international standards combined with the best of cultural values and ethos, and integral value-systems.