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Shaping & Building Your CHILD’S Future!!!

If you are searching for your CHILD, a CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL in Muthangi, then CANDIIDUS International School should be your 1st and only choice!!!!

At CANDIIDUS, your child will

  • Get exposed to internationally, informed curricular practices that will reinforce his/her individuality.
  • Learn to take pride in his/her abilities and aspirations, and begin to value innovation in thought and enterprise in action.
  • Evaluate and analyze his/her experiences and learn to investigate and think independently.
Finest International Curriculum and Teaching Practices.
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Igniting The Spark of Genius in your CHILD

At CANDIIDUS, your child will become an independent, creative thinker with the spirit to achieve academic excellence at each step.


To disseminate education of international standards that fosters, nurtures, and challenges every student’s aspirations and potential.

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To ignite every child’s imagination through creative cognitive stimulation; promote excellence through learning; and drive positive change

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To create a world-class educational institution with advanced pedagogical systems and educational procedures of international standards

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Why Choose Us

CANDIIDUS realize the full potential of every STUDENT!!!


Infrastructure at CANDIIDUS is an environment with no ceilings on excellence. The campus of CANDIIDUS International School is in a league of its own.

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Candiidus offers The state–of-the-art facilities to acquire knowledge and values that can act as a positive force and a better future for all in the wider world.

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Candiidus ranks among the best campuses in the country with world-class facilities for academics and extra-curricular activities.

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Why Candiidus?

Because we

  • Focus on the current needs and aspirations of the students.
  • Provide a caring, inclusive, and enriching learning experience.
  • Offer the finest of infrastructure with 21st century teaching methods.
  • Offer the best of the finest international curriculum and teaching practices.

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At CANDIIDUS, we believe in making scholastic success a habit.

The curriculum at CANDIIDUS International School is implemented in line with the pedagogical practices that help realize the potential of every child. Likewise, the curricular goals are achieved by structuring the lessons and instructions on the tenets of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences (ToMI).

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