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Clubs and Organizations

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Exploring the self in the extracurricular activities:

Opening up to the world of opportunities the child discovers that there is a world beyond the books and classrooms. Nurturing this thoughts CIS School has created the clubs and organizations that will cater to the needs of extracurricular activities of the students.

CIS clubs

It is extremely important for a school to expand beyond the books and the classrooms. Hence, the students at CIS get to utilize the various opportunities provided by the Clubs organized at the CIS School. Balancing between the curriculum and the extracurricular activities plays a vital role in building up the future of the student. Understanding this we have designed our curriculum to include both curricular and extracurricular activities where the student doesn’t get burdened with the both.

Our Club Structure at CIS-

Activities at CIS clud:

  • Group Discussions
  • Debates
  • JAM sessions
  • Art classes
  • Music art Classes
  • Visual art Classes
  • Sports
  • Indoor activities
  • Technology Awareness
  • Sustainable way of living life
  • Eco-friendly sessions
  • And many more…

CIS community and the Club at CIS:

As a community we believe we have the strong foundation to be built to stand as an example. Hence, the students are given the opportunity to build a portfolio based on their social voluntary services and the clubs participated by them. This will help them in their career prospectus and also for the IGCSE scholarship program.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, no the students cannot change the activities once chosen.

There are various activities that are mentioned above related to sports, art and creative aspects.

Teachers are always ready to help in case the student wants to start a club.

Yes. These are mainly sports clubs/teams.

We do not offer private music lessons at this time.

Yes, they can contact the teachers for any kind of doubts.