CS school community events are exciting opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to come together and engage in a variety of activities outside the classroom. For parents and teachers, community events offer a chance to collaborate, network, and support each other in creating a positive learning environment for students. Join us for a fun and enriching experience that strengthens our school community!

Multi Cultural Day

Our SCA hosts our MCD each year to celebrate our culture through food, dress and performance. MCD is a wonderful community event that celebrates diversity at CS


Our annual event provides professional development opportunities for CS faculty, and faculty at public, private and other international schools across India and the region. Each year our theme is led by a world renowned expert in that field along with our professional faculty.

Terry Fox Run

Coming into our 10th year, the TFR is a community event that attracts thousands from around Bangalore to raise awareness and funds for this wonderful organization to keep Terry Fox’s drive alive!


A celebration of light and good over evil, this annual event sees our students, faculty and parents from PreK to grade 12 involved in song, dance, and pageantry to celebrate this important cultural event.

Community BBQ

Linked with the Terry Fox run and SCA pool party, this annual event is a chance to kick back, enjoy food and performances from CS’ talented students and faculty.

Winter and Spring Concerts

Twice a year, our music, choir and band students showcase their progress with amazing performances. Our music program is performance based by design, and there is no better opportunity for students to share their growth than through these community performances.