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CANDIIDUS International is a school that routinely ranks among the top 10 in India and as the best in Hyderabad. CANDIIDUS distinguishes itself with well-considered design and a steadfast dedication to meeting your child’s needs during every developmental stage.

CANDIIDUS International has established itself as a reliable education brand for holistic development thanks to its more than three decades of experience. Being a member of one of the biggest and most reputable international school networks in the world, CANDIIDUS International sets itself apart from other international schools in India by fusing cutting-edge methods with creative approaches.

We offer a supportive, considerate, and stimulating learning environment.


Learning That Goes Beyond the Classroom

The superior instruction and learning provided by CANDIIDUS transcends the confines of a curriculum or classroom. In addition to our extensive academic programs, we offer valuable extracurricular activities that help students explore their interests and reach their full potential.


A Culture of Care

Strong family values are the cornerstone of the school. To guarantee that your kid is safe, healthy, and developing to their maximum academic potential, we combine strict safeguarding standards, health and safety precautions, wellbeing practices, and a Social & Emotional Learning Program.


Our Innovative Spirit

CANDIIDUS has been a vibrant school that constantly aspires to be the best at what it does for more than 30 years. CANDIIDUS is renowned for establishing educational trends, having significantly altered Hyderabad’s and India’s educational scene. We are a school that doesn’t mind breaking convention, thinking creatively, or attempting novel approaches.


The Cognita Family

CANDIIDUS is a member of the esteemed and reputable Cognita family, which consists of more than 100 connected, diversified institutions spread over 16 nations. Joining the global Cognita family offers several advantages, one of which is the chance to work together with four worldwide regions to benchmark and promote exceptional teaching practices in CANDIIDUS.


Parent & Alumni Network

In a world where people live close to one another, networks are essential. We can better prepare your child for the future by utilizing numerous opportunities and practical experiences through our valuable network of over 10,000 alumni and 6,000 parents.


Our Trustworthiness & 30-Year Track Record

The term CANDIIDUS has come to represent excellence in education during the last thirty years. We constantly produce top-notch academic outcomes, guide our pupils to prestigious universities, and get them ready for prosperous futures.