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Your Child's Journey

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Your Child’s Journey to Success

With a concentration on the Cambridge Curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, and CBSE Curriculum to give your kid an immersive learning experience, we take great satisfaction in our comprehensive and globally sensitive approach to education. Every educational step in your child’s path to lifetime achievement has been carefully planned to make sure they relish childhood memories while laying the groundwork for future success in school.

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Each Child is an Individual

At CANDIIDUS, we believe – and know – that every child is unique. Through our culture of care, we help children to discover their passions and focus on their individual needs to ensure they develop the right skills and knowledge to flourish in life.

The World is our Classroom

Our learning goes beyond the boundaries of any set curriculum. Through real-life examples, outdoor lessons, project-based learning, field trips, guest lectures, international school collaborations and engagement with local and global issues, our students learn by actively exploring the real world.

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Top 10 CBSE schools in Hyderabad

Experiential Interdisciplinary Learning

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, children need to master complexity and to be agile enough to navigate a rapidly evolving social and economic landscape. A CANDIIDUS education, which goes beyond the classroom walls, teaches children ‘joined-up thinking’ underpinned by mastery of multiple academic disciplines not just to survive in the future, but to thrive in it.

Technology-Based Teaching

Our strong technological infrastructure enables us to provide diverse and rich learning experiences to students. With a digital board in every classroom, we use online resources, 3D models, guest lectures, and virtual trips around the world to make learning exciting and engaging for your child.

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Wellbeing at the Heart of Successful Learning

We believe that children are able to learn only when they feel physically, socially, mentally and emotionally well. Cognita’s globally established Wellbeing Programme and CANDIIDU’s Social & Emotional Learning curriculum cultivate a positive and child-centric learning environment, where students become optimistic, energetic, motivated, encouraged and empowered to grow to their full potential.



Learning Journeys to Success

The greatest preschool techniques are combined in an Integrated Curriculum that is specifically created for CANDIIDUS’s Preschool. It encourages your child to investigate their surroundings and supports their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and physical growth. When students first enter the primary sector in Grade 1, they have the option of following the internationally acclaimed Cambridge Curriculum or the domestically acclaimed CBSE Curriculum, which will take them through Preschool, Secondary, and Grade 10. The school provides two avenues for achievement at Senior Secondary (Grades 11 and 12): the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and the CBSE Curriculum.

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