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Welcome to Candiidus School's High School Programme

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CIS school curriculum:

A Cambridge Board International School, CIS School is one of the best schools in Patancheru. It offers Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, and Cambridge IGCSE classes. In addition, we are affiliated with Cambridge International Assessment, making us one of the best CBSE schools in Patancheru. This means we will follow global standard assessment procedures. Our students can complete a complete set of assessments throughout the year. 

A comprehensive curriculum such as Cambridge primary, lower secondary, and IGCSE prepares students for success in the classroom. While establishing strong foundations in multiple subject areas, these programmes cultivate critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge about different parts of the world. Taking these courses at our school in Patancheru gives students an advantage over their peers and opens doors to higher education across the globe.

At Candiidus International School, students are provided with the best learning environment through our CBSE curriculum. In addition to fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, it also stresses the importance of developing analytical minds for academic success, as well as providing a comprehensive education through a systematised curriculum framework. Furthermore, they have standardised assessments that allow learners to compete nationally as well as prepare them for tertiary education, hence making CIS School a top-rated international school following the CBSE curriculum in Patancheru, among other such institutions countrywide.

At Candiidus School, brilliance in academics is blended with a global perspective & holistic development under our high school programme called Cambridge IGCSE, which aims to equip learners with the knowledge required to succeed in rapidly changing environments. T

The following are some things that set our programme apart from others: CIS School is among the top-rated international schools here offering the CBSE curriculum 

CIS School: Cambridge Board School in Patancheru:

High School Program at CIS:

  • As part of the IGCSE Cambridge curriculum, Candiidus School’s High School Program is a shining example of academic excellence, holistic development, and global readiness.
  • The educational environment aims not only to impart knowledge but to foster creativity, vital life skills, and a deep understanding of the world around them as students embark on this educational journey.

Esteemed Cambridge curriculum at CIS:

  • We are dedicated to following the prestigious IGCSE Cambridge curriculum in our High School Program.
  • As a result of this globally acknowledged framework, pupils receive a comprehensive education, paving the way for a successful academic career.
  • As a result of the rigorous curriculum, pupils develop a love of learning, critical thinking, and the ability to apply information in practical contexts in addition to overcoming academic obstacles.

Comprehensive developments in the students:

  • A comprehensive development program extends beyond the classroom to all aspects of the High School Program.
  • Our goal is to develop students who are not only academically skilled but also socially responsible and emotionally resilient.
  • The university achieves this through several programs, including leadership programs and a comprehensive support network that helps students achieve academic, emotional, and career goals.

Integrated Global perspective of learning:

  • The integrated global perspective in our High School Program prepares students for the interconnected world they will soon inhabit.
  • Through international cooperation, multicultural studies, and cultural exchange programs, students develop an appreciation for diversity and develop a cross-border attitude. Thanks to this global perspective, our students are better prepared for a world where cooperation, cultural sensitivity, and adaptability are critical skills.

Developing creativity in students:

  • We also put a lot of focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in our high school program. 
  • We give students the tools they need to succeed in a constantly changing environment by giving them the chance to network with professionals in the field, develop their creativity, and practice entrepreneurial thinking.

Honoring the achievements of the students:

  • While we honour the accomplishments of our former students, we are also reminded of the long-term benefits of a Candiidus School education. 
  • Our graduates are living examples of how well our program shapes people into successful professionals who also make significant contributions to society.

Committed to the developments in the students:

  • When students enrol in the high school program at Candiidus School, they are choosing more than just a school; they are becoming a part of a community that is committed to their development, achievement, and welfare. 
  • We set out on a path to unleash potential, cultivate resilience, and mould future leaders with an emphasis on academic excellence, holistic development, and a global perspective. 
  • Welcome to Candiidus School, where the possibilities are endless!
  • Primary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

In comparison to other top-rated international schools in Patancheru, CIS is distinguished by its innovative and holistic curriculum for elementary and middle school education. CIS emphasizes critical thinking skills, creativity, and a global mindset in its students. In addition to academic excellence, students develop a well-rounded mindset to flourish in a rapidly changing world. 

Accreditations and Affiliations of the CBSE International School in Patancheru:

Why Accreditations and Affiliations are important for the best CBSE schools in Patancheru?

A centre of learning’s quality of education can be determined by its accreditation, affiliation, or membership. Our commitment to providing the best quality education has resulted in us being accredited by two external accrediting agencies, making us stand out from the competition. We follow the policies, programs, and practices of our accredited organizations as a result of providing facilities that meet their standards. The following are the most prominent policies and programs followed by international schools worldwide.

Candiidus International School in Patancheru curriculum:

Our school has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), i.e. we are a recognized IB world school and we offer you the full IB Diploma program for both 11th and 12th grades. During this pre-university course, holistic education is inculcated. A standardized international curriculum coupled with a standard set of procedures and policies enables us to create a supportive environment in which students can gain educational knowledge beyond the classroom and cherish their time at CIS for a lifetime.

Fosters the critical thinking:

  • At the top-rated international school in Patancheru, we follow the CBSE curriculum to provide a holistic approach to the learning environment. 
  • It emphasizes academic excellence as well as the development of students as a whole. 
  • In addition to fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, it also promotes a deep understanding of subjects through a comprehensive framework. 
  • By doing so, it differs from other curricula and ensures that students receive a holistic education. 

Offers IGCSE curriculum:

  • As well as offering Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, and Cambridge IGCSE programs, we are also registered with Cambridge International Assessment. 
  • Our affiliation with Cambridge International Assessment allows us to provide you with international standard assessment. 
  • These procedures will display a complete set of assessments that the student has achieved throughout the academic year.

Student’s different stages of educational journey:

  • The Cambridge International Assessment program caters to different stages of a student’s educational journey. 
  • The Cambridge Primary program focuses on building a strong foundation in key subjects, while the Cambridge Lower Secondary program introduces more specialized subjects.
  • It prepares students for the next level of education.

Globally recognized Qualification:

  • A globally recognized qualification can be obtained after completing the Cambridge IGCSE program, which offers a wide range of subjects. 
  • In comparison to other assessment methods, Cambridge International Assessment offers a comprehensive assessment of students’ academic progress.

Achievements are accurately measured:

  • Cambridge International Assessment’s comprehensive assessment program ensures that students’ achievements are consistently measured and recognized on an international level.
  • A wide range of subjects are offered within the Cambridge IGCSE program to enable students to pursue their interests and obtain a globally recognized qualification.

All about the High School Program at Candiidus International School:

A CBSE-aligned education system is provided by Candiidus International School:

The innovative teaching methods, dedicated teachers, and regularly updated facilities make Candiidus International School unique.

  • Round education: It provides students with more than just the skills they need to succeed; it also gives them a complete education that will help them thrive in later life after they leave school.
  • Educational Frameworks: When compared with other educational systems, the CBSE curriculum ensures holistic development through excellence in academics.
  • Core-subjects: Furthermore, this institution cultivates talent through co-curricular programs and instils good morals and critical thinking abilities in its students while laying strong foundations in main subjects.

An international school in Patancheru with technology-blended advanced classrooms is CIS School. We have safe a secure campus with well-facilitated infrastructure. Our school is the best accredited and affiliated international school in Patancheru. As an authorized International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) World School, we can offer the full IB Diploma program.

IGCSE Cambridge Aligned Curriculum:

Curriculum frameworks for IGCSE Cambridge and CBSE are both followed at Candiidus International School. Besides laying a strong foundation in basic subjects, this system of education emphasizes thinking outside the box, creative work, and applying knowledge in real-life situations.

  • Extensive Subject Coverage: Providing a wide range of topics so students can pick and choose what they are most interested in.
  • Strict Academic Requirements: Students need to be prepared for the requirements of higher learning institutions by adhering to strict academic standards.
  • International Recognition: A wide range of international opportunities are available to students with Cambridge IGCSE qualifications around the world.

As a Cambridge International Assessment affiliate, we can show you a complete set of assessments a student has achieved throughout the academic year using the international standard assessment procedures. We are Patancheru’s top-rated international school providing the best international curriculum for the students. 

Holistic Development Approach

We strive to produce students who are not only proficient in their studies but also demonstrate social responsibility; leadership qualities are among the many needed life skills our high school program emphasizes.

  • Leadership programs: The purpose of these programs is to help students develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities.
  • Life Skills Education: Practical skills that can be taught include time management, problem-solving, and communication.
  • Community Service Initiatives: Engagement in community service activities promotes a caring attitude, both locally and abroad.

CIS School is the best international school in Patancheru with highly qualified teachers. The Cambridge board curriculum provides students with a globally recognized education that prepares them for university and beyond. Our staff has extensive experience in the Cambridge board curriculum. 

Experienced and Supportive Faculty

Candiidus School offers highly skilled and experienced staff members who mentor and teach students through their high school years and support their academic success and curiosity.

  • Skilled and Proficient Teachers: The importance of having teachers with expertise: Providing a high-quality education to students.
  • Tailored Support: The student is provided specific support according to his or her needs providing students with specialized assistance.
  • Fostering a Love of Learning: Engaging and enticing children to learn and create an environment where learning is exciting and fun.

Students learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning skills, which will be valuable in the future. As well as offering a wide range of subjects, the curriculum offers flexible pathways, so students can customize their education to match their interests. Candiidus International School is one of the best-rated international schools in Patancheru offering the CBSE curriculum. An internationally acclaimed international school in Patancheru, Candiidus is an International School offering the CBSE curriculum in Patancheru. Incorporating a variety of teaching methods such as interactive classroom discussions, project-based learning, and hands-on activities, the CBSE curriculum emphasizes a holistic approach to education. Developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills helps students succeed in the ever-changing global economy.  

State-of-the-Art Facilities

With our new and fully equipped facilities, we create an environment that promotes hands-on learning and digital skills.

  • Science and Technology Labs: In science labs, students are encouraged to experiment so that they can understand things practically.
  • Smart classrooms: In smart classrooms, technology is incorporated into teaching to make it more interactive and dynamic.
  • Innovative Learning Spaces: Designing innovative learning spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration among learners.

CIS School has state-of-the-art facilities and is ranked as Patancheru’s best school. The facilities at CIS School contribute significantly to the success of students. The advanced technology and resources available to students facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. As a result, students can explore, think critically, and innovate, leading to higher achievement and success.

Personalized Learning Plans

There are many reasons why individualized study is important to our high school. This goes beyond just teaching in a new way; it helps kids discover what they like and learn skills that fit their interests.

  • Tailored Academic Paths: Students can focus on subjects that align with their career goals through their academic paths
  • Services for Career Counseling: The role of career guidance is to assist students in making informed decisions about their futures.
  • Encouraging Passion Pursuits: Providing opportunities for pupils to explore areas they are passionate about, thereby encouraging them to follow their passions

A leading international school in Patancheru with the best art facilities and a certified science lab, CIS School guides students with personalized learning plans. With CIS School’s personalized learning plans, students’ needs and interests are taken into consideration rather than using traditional teaching methods. By tailoring the curriculum to each student’s individual needs, students develop a deeper understanding of the subjects and a love for learning. 

Global Perspective and Cultural Diversity

In the High School Program at Candiidus School, we emphasize a global perspective by infusing foreign perspectives into curriculums, fostering cultural awareness, and fostering an inclusive learning environment.

  • International Collaborations: Collaborative projects allow students to meet peers from around the world.
  • Courses in global studies: Courses on international relations, geopolitics, and global challenges may be included in worldwide study programs.
  • Cultural exchange programs: Programs on cultural exchange should allow students to interact face-to-face with other cultures so they can gain a deeper understanding of them.

In addition to providing a global perspective, the best CBSE international school in Patancheru, CIS School also offers cultural diversity and an inclusive learning environment. A diverse learning environment promotes diversity and fosters a sense of belonging among students. It allows for the exchange of different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, which enhances critical thinking and empathy. Additionally, an inclusive learning environment promotes cultural competence in students as a means of preparing them to succeed in a globalized world. 

Comprehensive Support System

We recognize that navigating high school may be difficult, and we are dedicated to giving our students access to an extensive support network. Our support staff and counsellors are always here to help with career advice, academic difficulties, and personal growth.

  • Academic counselling: helping students choose their academic choices with knowledge and guidance.
  • Mental Health Support: Encouraging students’ mental health by providing counselling services.
  • College and Career Guidance: Helping students make plans for their future academic and professional endeavours is known as college and career guidance.

Compared to other schools in Patancheru, Candiidus International School stands out with its extensive support system for career advice and academic difficulties. Candiidus International School follows the CBSE curriculum in Patancheru and provides comprehensive support to students. The school not only provides career advice and academic support, but also offers counselling services, extracurricular activities, and personalized attention, ensuring holistic development for students.  

Continuous Assessment for Progress Monitoring

Our High School Program uses a system of frequent assessments to guarantee ongoing improvement. These tests offer insightful information about each student’s unique growth when paired with progress reports, feedback sessions, and feedback sessions.

  • Formative and Summative Evaluations: Making use of a range of evaluation techniques to determine comprehension.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Promoting an ongoing cycle of improvement through feedback.
  • Parental involvement and progress reports: updating parents on their child’s academic progress.

The best international CBSE school in Patancheru providing the best assessment monitoring is the Candiidus International School. As part of its assessment program, Candiidus International School uses a variety of assessment methods, including tests, quizzes, and projects, to track each student’s progress. Assessment monitoring is a key part of the school’s assessment process. Teachers provide detailed feedback and personalized support to help students improve in areas where they are having difficulties. The school also holds regular parent-teacher conferences to keep parents informed of their children’s academic progress and address concerns or questions they may have. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Focus

Our High School Program promotes entrepreneurial thinking in an innovative world. To encourage a spirit of creativity and adaptability, students can take part in mentorship programs, entrepreneurial courses, and invention challenges.

  • Innovation Labs: provide areas where students can test concepts and initiatives.
  • Courses on Entrepreneurship: Providing specialized instruction to develop entrepreneurship abilities.
  • Industry Connections: Encouraging professional relationships to mentor and motivate upcoming business owners.

We believe in Self Reliability, so the best CBSE international school in Patancheru, Candiidus International School focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. By implementing project-based learning, Candiidus International School encourages students to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. To inspire and guide students, the school also hosts entrepreneurship workshops and guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs. Moreover, students have the opportunity to participate in business competitions and startup incubators to further develop their entrepreneurial abilities. 

Alumni Success Stories

Our high school program is proud of its history of accomplished graduates who have achieved success in a variety of disciplines. These success stories demonstrate the observable results of a Candiidus School education and motivate present students.

  • Alumni Mentorship Programs: Providing advice to current students by pairing them with accomplished alumni.
  • Networking opportunities: establishing channels via which students can get in touch with former colleagues in related sectors.
  • Celebrating Success: Acknowledging and recognizing our alumni community’s successes.

Through our curriculum designed to achieve the necessary set of skills in students, we ensure their success in life by delivering the best success stories at top-rated CBSE international schools in Patancheru. Our top-rated CBSE international schools in Patancheru need to develop a wide range of skills in students. Critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and adaptability are among these skills. Our goal is to prepare our students for the challenges of adult life and enable them to succeed in their chosen careers by nurturing these skills.