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Drama and Theatre

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Drama and Theatre

A saga of performing the art via expressions

Middle school theatre and High School theatre as we fondly call MS & HS theatres provides the students with the opportunities to take their talents in the Drama and theatre to a professional level with the guidance from our Art educator at CIS.

The aesthetics of the drama being performed is brought to life with the performances of the students. Students are trained in the classical, traditional and modern drama as well. Thus, connecting them to the roots and yet exposing them to the various theatre forms and genres existing in the world.

While the academic curriculum and the arts curriculum go hand in hand students are given a choice to choose to pursue the Drama and Theatre semester wise or through the year. As they learn to perform the theatric performances they are encouraged to the shows beyond the school.

Candiidus International School is a multicultural school and the students originate from the different ethnicities and the same support towards the drama and art is provided by our professional Drama and Theatre educator.

Drama and Theatre at MS & HS theatre

This is for the students of grades 6 to 8 & grades 9 to 12, the Drama and Theatre curricula includes the below:

  • Stage performances
  • Assessing stage presence
  • Training on gestures
  • Character performances
  • Tone training
  • And many more….

At the end of the academic year the students are encouraged to participate and enroll in the IGCSE drama and theatre.

The positive outcomes that one can anticipate out of the Drama and Theatre—

  • Students creativity is nurtured thus they get to experience the thinking beyond the books.
  • They can become creators, artists, directors and professional theatre performers.
  • Group discussions and group performances create a sense of collaboration where they can express their thoughts and actions without any hesitation.
  • Expressing the feeling beyond the words is an art form which nurtures ones sense of existence which can be experienced in the drama and theatre.

Traditions and Cultures:

Understanding the cultures and respecting the diversity while still working collaboratively is displayed in the Drama and Theatre art form. The students understand the dynamics of various art forms originating from the different cultures and they get a chance to perform the arts which includes the traditions from the whole world. The students who score higher in this art are provided with an opportunity to enroll into the IGCSE drama.

Drama and Theatre program structure

CIS drama and theatre program structure of MS & HS theatres details are provided below:

  • Middle School drama program: 2 classes per week.
  • High School drama program : 4 classes per week.