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Music Program at CIS

Music an art of expression through the rhythm

Music is in art form where one gets to express and enjoy the rhythm with the beats, melody, tempo and style. Each student has their own set of talents bringing forth their interest in the music with the various musical instruments is our motto in the Music program at CIS. Providing them with the exposure to the instruments and their various forms of playing the music they get expand their sense of musical adventure dynamically.

The CIS music program intends to create the awareness and provide a soothing experience of being able to play the music all by themselves. Music can be relaxing and empowering as well, so the students built their confidence at each step of music program as they encounter and exceed in their skill of music art.

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Elementary school level Music Program at CIS

Elementary level music program is intended for the kids for the early years and grade 1 to 5 where they get to witness various music instruments and choose the instrument they are interested to play. They also perform the music and art like dance forms in a group or individually during the events held at school. They get an opportunity to choose the music program this semester wise or as a complete early program.

In events such as Annual day, Republic Day, Independence Day the students are given the chance to participate and display their skills developed in the music program. Our music art educators bring the music art form to life by training each student on the rhythms, melody, tempo etc.,

Middle school level music program at CIS

This music program is intended to the students of Grades 6 to 8; here the students are given to options to purse to the music program where they get to choose semester wise music program or the music program throughout the year. The students are given the opportunity to get introduced to the various musical instruments and choose the best instrument that suits their interests. They are also provided with the option of starting of a band where a group of musicians/students come together and play the music.

Students are grouped together depending on the complexity of the music a group is able to play. A continuous growth in the ability to play the music can be witnessed as they progress with their journey in the music program.

A thoughtful planning/schedule is laid out for the music exercises and the assessment. Our music masters are well qualified, providing the students with the various types of music arts at different levels such as basic level moderate level and also the professional level.

High School level Music Program at CIS

High school music program is for the students of the grades 9 to 12; each student gets a chance to choose the program semester wise or throughout the year music program. Also, they are provided with the career counseling in the music if one wants to pursue the music as their career. They can start their own band in the school and the rigorous training is actively provided as per their interests and talents.

All about starting the Band:

There has been a keen interest in the students to start their own band as witnessed by our educators. Well, we are happy to take it a bit further to keep their interests alive, students can start their own band and the training with respect to the instruments, tone, rhythms, notes etc., will be provided by our music art educator.

Also they can be given a chance to perform their band at the events in the school such as Annual Day, Republic Day, Independence day, etc., These concert performances will boost their confidence and there is significant amount of study where it is said that music also improvises the concentration levels in the students.

With the joy in our hearts we are also happy to mention that there is an opportunity for the students to create their own jazz band where they get to give the concerts all over the Hyderabad city. Our music educator will train them to Excellency for their best performances at the concerts.